Everyone is talking to themselves, and quite frankly,

I’ve grown to enjoy my conversation;

chitchat between the two, while the other emoting low, waiting, and waiting.

He: a bass in the voice has less, and less to say.

As she and her twin: a constant confab of the arrogant seducing caution;

seers whose control in their gaze, reach with decisive desire, so speak with vivid speculation.


“Get over yourself”


“Out of your head, with your hand into the world”




so I am assured: in the straightening of my stance, my softened intimidation.

And when the three sing in unison,


"Good Lord, the things we moan"!

After Grace


Oh joy,

I remember her. She bit into my throat. She sank into me a bliss to bleed;

dripping the impossibly crimson spill; while I watched it puddle, to mirror cheerier endings.

Bluer, brighter twilight unsettled; sunsetting onto dusk my paranormal pools, pulsing;

yet again, as a tidal wave surmounted the red vista to glory and form.

I saw it spring over sea:

a breeze through the tomb was my beachy burial.

It was cute.

June in the daily: violently glooming, grey, pink; a deeper purple haze to lay me down.

Nestled into the hotness of a nearby shore: slumber, glow and singe!


There she is.

The piss in the sand: The stain in my silken sleep.

Woke, as it were.

Still tired I lie awake; await a new moon to move me.

Roll out of bed and fall into the privilege, drawing softer, darker. I felt some type of way.

Having hovered a more lush illusion above the palms, as I spilt color from the trees:

cascading, gorges gushing and splatter;

into blinging chalices placed into my unsteady, readied hand as I run.

Withstanding the distance to regain a smile,

as I twirl about a sunset drive and over the palatial edge.

Ebbs the bipolar weather: waterfalls melt as icebergs crash into the Atlantic east to grow.

“Damn, a jungle”,

us jovial express.

Here it was easy.

There wasn't even a pearly gate.

She is: my chimera appears to me;

appears to be many beasts, many realms, friendly and unfriendly;

reverberating a life into her recently killed;

her digestion, still born into rebirths devoured.

She laughs in my face a millennia, a fire tigress roar, joy.

I remember Her.