Novel Sonics

this continues

me not knowing what flying by

whooshed out too fast

whirred into the wall

too all of sudden for me to see

what ornithomancy nested around

perched outside hissing above my chamber view

flying out of the dead vines

a sandhill crane ignored her reflection

more interested in brunch deals under solid lake

we out here while the young ones cry

in the heat of the night

crows came flappin silently in full aerial murder

havin something to say.

i couldn't sleep anyway

i had to hear it from them

deep purple oil-rollin eyes

took no time to drop the act in years of loyalty to sirius aegis.

nada coo nor a quack

to disorder the silent rhythms of the night

you know how i feel

a distant devastation

flew above language into meta-fluency

aerial meditations were small

passerine fluttering in fickle movement

it took to get me here

it was them again

two knowing crows swaggered to a rooster lean

across the lime green rolling hills of palouse valley

a valley caused by an ice age flood

what happens after the cold

what happens after the heat

before us

before them

it was you who heard it change.

saw the inhale tilt to an invisible

exhale in compassionate exchange

it's wing it's shadow

notice her or not

she follows you around

talkative canary dragging the ivy to my feet

sharp and shaky piercing needle of a sound

the parakeet’s hello

tossing herself butteflylike

myth over mind

grappled blithely on what was warning flammable

alight from red sky onto hollow branches lower

becoming like you

thinking about you

wingspan open to hot air

purpleness of resplendent shine

pearlescent loreal faded black to navy blue

feed two birds with one worm

missing the sparrow's call

sun worshipers everywhere increased the frequency

even at lazy glance is ringing clear.

saltwater and fresh feather are in route to new midwest beaches

inner earthquakes were not warning coquettishly

sincerely who

an owl's whistle

ringing from inside was more than small talk

at this distance

and at this rolled eye

you know how i feel

sonic concoction in blissful eyes

dawn day

surly chirps poured out of nowhere

come by here

distant chirps in morning

come by here

chirps from hours away

come by here

chirps sittin

come by here

chirps waitin.

come by here

longest in the air

in her identity in her reputation


in her mane in her veins

piles of salty chirps

an imperfect bird in her perfect nest

feelin good

swirlin eyes were framed in bills

funny because they marched

bobbin clockwise almost thirty deep

in inverse worlds

twenty five or so large turkeys

in and out of unison encircle a dead cat

a situation illumes

creating a sun symbol

a feline corpse centered at what is primordially ornithic

the clarity of languages unwritten

i threw out your dingy feather

kept what clean plum remained

wild parrots and parakeets of pasadena

goodbye socal skeins

she was exasperated

a mangled and feathered mess

you know how i feel

a high priestess in the air

owl flying in certainty through the dark

vespertilian movements were dozens of mice screaming in air

six ravens gliding parallel in pairs over head

disheveled turkeys gobbled under ugly snoods

roosters eating rose petals

seemingly covered the beach in its entirety

a foil congregation fixed in the sand

avian oddity

everything was a blur tweet

fog clung thickly still to the ground

come by here

seagulls chased themselves in perfect aerial symmetry

flocked six darting in, and out of the other

flock this way                                                                           

snood: friendly and unfriendly odes to simone

(twitter: nov 2017- mar 2018)